Here are some footage from our day in Legian beach in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. It was a lovely day and so grateful for our relaxing time with the cameras, some bear and a bean bag on the beach. This was a very nice evening with an amazing sunset. Woow!

A wavy beach on the south coast of Bali

Legian beach is next to Kuta. It is not one of the most populated beaches (at least not when we were there in April / May).
We think it was a good beach, our hotel also had some free sun beds down at the beach that we were allowed to use since we stayed in the hotel.

Along the beach there are a number of beach bars with bean bags where you can order something lighter to eat or something cold to drink. Here you can also sit until the sunset comes and see an absolutely fantastic sunset over the sea. Very quiet and soothing.