This weekend me and some friends were at brunch at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Gothenburg in the middle of central Gothenburg. We wanted a buffet brunch and not an á la carte brunch as we have slightly different food preferences, and this seems to be the brunch in Gothenburg that was open now.

A bit of dissapointment

We get there and it feels very spacious between the parties, there is no crowding either at the tables or at the buffet. There is a lot of different food, a salad to seafood to cold cuts and the usual scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and so on. They also have a relatively large section with desserts, which we had been told when we booked was the best at the buffet.

We grabbed food from the heating trays. It looks nice, but once we start eating, in principle all food was cold. Eg. scrambled eggs should be served hot, and if it is in a heating tray, you also expect it to be hot. It was not. They also served mini burgers but they were also cold. All four of us were very disappointed with this, the buffet cost 295 SEK and then you expect the hot food to be hot and the cold to be cold. It was also not that we were there too late, as we were there just a few minutes after opening and even though they refilled the food in the meantime, the food they took out was not hot either.

When we had been eating for an hour or so, we felt ready for the dessert table, very much of the desserts were finished and they do didn´t seem to add more because they close in another 45 minutes.

Luckily, my company and I had a very nice brunch with each other, but I think we all agreed the food did not really hold the measure to cost 295 SEK. Too bad when it is a freshly renovated hotel and no crowds which is nice in these times.


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