Candidasa is the small old town perfect for scuba diving or just relaxing at one of the many beach resorts.

A old fishing village

Candidasa is a small seaside village at the east coast of the Indonesian island Bali and it rests on the edge of a fresh water lagoon, named Candidasa Lagoon. Most structures in Candidasa are on the road Jalan Raya Candida west of the lagoon, heading towards Gianyar or Denpasar.

We do not know if there are “very” tourists in Candidasa. But when we were there at the end of April, it wasn’t very tourists. It felt like those who were there were divers or couples on honeymoon. So most of the people we saw and met were the locals.

When traveling to Candidasa don’t expect a big city. This is a small fishing village that has been around since the 12th century. There is a street where the restaurants are located, a water lily pond and some temples and other small attractions. We did not visit Candidasa for the “experience” but because it was a good starting point for the diving we wanted to do, as we wanted to go both up to Tulamben and dive at Liberty Wreck but also to Nusa penida to see Mantor.