This video shows how colorful GoPro videos can become with optimal light conditions and the right accessories when diving.
The video was shot at my second diving trip which was made with dive center Verner Lau in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. A very professional dive center.

Most of the footage got great color without using any color correction. Though some contrast tuning was used to make the picture more clear. Settings on the GoPro camera was Protune: On, White Balance: Auto, Color: GoPro Color, ISO Limit: 1600, Sharpness: High. But depending on the lighting conditions I recommend that you play a bit with the white balance setting and ISO Limit. I had very strong sunlight at a depth between 10 to 18 metres(32 to 60 feet).

Dive sites: Gordon Reef, Thomas Reef and Woodhouse Reef (not in order).