Last Wednesday we dive again. It went well, although I was not really in the mood on the way there. We would make emergency ascents which went well. Then we would take off the mask under the surface and of the deep end of the pool. But since I did not really did it correctly the first time (since I was in shock after the “small incident”) I said I wanted to try it on the shallower water first where I could stand up if I got problems. Now I realized why I had a problem. I do not have sufficiently large lungs, which means that I can not breathe out all the water from the mask at once. So I need to take three-four breaths to empty the mask and after the first breath I will breathe in fresh air without inhaling a small sniff with the nose which makes me get water in the nose and thats not so nice, its disgusting and then I panic a little bit and want to go up because the chlorine stand as a hell in the nose …

But after I practiced a little on the shallow water the instructor came and checked once how it was in shallow water, and then we tried in deep water and swim without mask and then put it back on. The swim went great. Put it on too, but got it a little too close to the nose so I might as well not blow out the air because silicone border at the mask clogged the nose. So we floated up to the surface again. Then the instructor said that I put the mask well from the start but once I’d blow it out the first time, so I pressed it against my nose so I got out of the water a second time. Typical. So we went down again and then it worked pretty well. Did the type of blowing 3-4 and get all the water out of the mask, but then he was satisfied. Me too.

I do not understand how to do it there in one blow then you have to have the elephant lungs. Then we swam around, got pretty good neutral position and could swim along the edge of the deep surface in the pool at the same level. Then we breathed from free flowing regulator, which went well. Felt like the time went fast today and we did not do much, but we dive from 8:15 p.m. to 10 p.m. Felt a little pain in my head when I got home, but guess it’s because maybe I was a little mentally stressed out today because I did not get to it with the mask for the first time today, so breathed probably pretty quickly.

The last thing we have left now are two dives outdoors, a Sisjön and in Gullmarsfjorden.