This is the first part of my trip to Puerto Galera, Philippines. It is also my first trip to the Philippines and I was very excited and looked forward to visiting Puerto Galera when I heard (and did a lot of research) that the diving there should be fantastic. 

Fantastic diving

And it was. We had a really good guide during our dives. His name is Cris and he was working at the time we were there at the diving center Arkipelago divers. We also stayed at their resort which was good, clean rooms and okay breakfast. There was a lot of macro and muck diving on this trip. Which I was very excited about since I had not done a lot of muck diving before. But now in retrospect, it can of course be a bit boring in the long run if you just lie on the sandy bottom and look for microscopic things. But since I was very clear when booked the trip that I wanted to see both muck things, small things but also bigger things, I was very happy with the trip in the end. Always do your research! The underwater nature was very nice and very colorful and healthy corals which makes a diver happy!