In the video above you can see my (Rebeccas) very first time scuba diving. Daniel who scuba dive himself always talked about how amazing and relaxing scuba diving was. And he showed me many underwater photos and videos from his  travels to Egypt, Thailand and Maldives. A cold day in February of 2016 Daniel took me to a local dive center here in Gothenburg, Sweden to try scuba diving. The reason he did it? He was sure sure I would love it.

My toughts about scuba diving

I don´t know if I can get you an totally honest first impression of my discovery scuba evening. If I should do an summary of the evening I would say it was very cool to breath under water. Unfortunately the BCD I wore was in size XXL which bothered me quite a lot, which you can probably see in the movie. I had some problems to descend and it were because I didn´t have any weights on me. And to top it off the fins were a bit small and the water in the pool was freezing cold.

I think it was a cool experience to breath under water. It were so much more scuba diving gear to think about that I wasn´t aware of before I tried. I understand and I am fully aware of it´s not the same thing scuba diving in a small pool and in the sea. But it´s a fact I will definitely sign me up for a course.

Why discovery scuba?

For me I think it was a very good choice to do a discovery scuba evening. If I just had gone for the full Open Water course directly I think I had been to nervous to let loose and feel comfortable in the water. So I would recommend you to do a discovery scuba. In that way you can see if scuba diving is something for you and you don´t have to invest both time and money to figure out that you don´t like it.