Everything went much better this second pool dive. I believe it was due to the fact that I got hold of a wetsuit that I felt I could move around in compared with last week. And I am also a kind PRO to get in to a wetsuit now after all the tryons I have done. It was also easy to fix the bottle with BCD and regulator which also felt good. Not because it was difficult last time but still like…

When we got to the pool we began to try jump from the side of the pool. I thought this entry to the water was much nicer and comfortable than it was last week when we go in the pool and then put on our fins. I had very much air in my BCD so I knew I would not drown when i jump in the water so it was actually fun.

Then we started to “rescue” each other, it was nice to lay there and been pushed around by Pernilla. Maybe she should continue to swim around with me like that, haha. Then we did exercises where we would take the weight belt and then BCD first in shallow water, and then we moved over to the deep.

It went well, I breathed deeper and more controlled now than the last time. I dig great of both of the exercises. But when I release the BCD I began to float up so I stood on their feet on the bottom instead of the knees. But it was more pepole who did that and the instructor said we were good anyway. Yeey!

Then we swam around, got some water inside my mask, under my nose because I think I bumped the mask a little bit when we did the exercises. When we were at the surface, I asked how to do to empty the mask and then I did it and it worked. So I was actually very proud of my self that I was able this time.

Then we swam around on the ground, felt a little pressure in my ears but could get away with it once when I realized it was reached. Phew! Noted under my dive that even if I did not touch the inflator I went up and down very much. The instructor said it was because I was breathing to much (and here I thought we should breath) and that you learn to breathe in the right amount. But felt a bit strange to first be at right at the bottom and then fly up to the surface only because how i breath, I still had long quiet breath that I had all the time… I definitely need to exercise more on that.

Last week when I came home, I had kind explosive headache. Feels much better this time! Drank a Berocca before I went there and rehydration-thing afterwards. Drunk a lot of water today (although I kind peeing it out after 5 minutes) and loaded with pasta salad. That was probably the results to be more fit for fight for diving.