When I first started scuba diving I bought the Olympus Tough TG-4. Mostly because I wanted to remember my PADI Open Water course but also so I could show my friends and family what I was doing down under the surface. At the time the Olympus Tough TG-4 was according to many pages the best underwater camera (in the price range) of 2016.

About PT-056

Since I was pleased with my camera and wanted to use it even after the course. My plan was to dive deeper than the recommended depth (15 meters) for the camera without underwater housing. So I needed the underwater housing for it. I was looking at some third party suppliers, but since most of them that I found at the moment didn´t get all the buttons to function through the housing I decide to go with the original Olympus PT-056 underwater housing.

I didn´t want to take the risk destroying the camera and dive deeper than recomended meters.  I read about someone who made it, but I do not want to risk ruining the camera so therefore I bought this underwater housing for it.

My thoughts

PT-056 is a robust underwater housing that feels durable. The housing can withstand depths down to 45 meters. It´s made of black polycarbonate and is equipped with buttons for all functions of the camera, which is really great. I felt that it was easy to control and set the buttons under the water even with my 5 mm wetsuit gloves on.

The buttons are large and their distinctive red color makes it clear underwater on where to push or twist. And as a little extra function on the housing PT-056 has also prepared for external connection of artificial light, ie flash. I am satisfied with the PT-056 and will definitely use it a lot to come.

Interested in this underwater house? You can find out more here http://amzn.to/2DbECUT



– Waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to 45 m depth
– Simple handling above and under water
– All camera functions can be controlled
– Neutral buoyancy under water – Screw mount for convertors and filters
– Standard tripod socket permits mounting of the light box
– Transparent backside to discover any. intrusion of water.
– Multi-coated glass to reduce inner reflections
– Detachable LCD hood for LCD monitor


Around 2500 SEK / 300 USD / 220 GBP