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Unboxing Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD

Packing a BCD can sometimes be really stressful. First it needs to dry and then make sure it’s emptied again before completely deflating and putting it down in a bag or luggage.
Since the Scubapro Hydros Pro dries very fast and the bungee cords on the sides are quite effective, it deflates quite much before you need to manually deflate the rest.

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Cressi Air travel BCD for scuba diving | Unboxing

Unboxing video for my Cressi Air travel BCD for scuba diving. I looked around for a while to find a BCD that fits me as a quite small person. Most of the BCD was to long and the shoulder straps were to big on the BCDs even if they where at the shortest length. I got it in a size XS it is tight on the right places and is very comfortable

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Cressi regulator MC9, Octopus Compact Pro, XS Compact Pro

When I first looked at the regulator I was not sure what I wanted or what I was interested in. I went with Pernilla, my friend I took the open water course with, to our local dive shop and was just going to look a little at what they had in the store … Good vendors and of course we both went home with a regulator/first stage, second stage, pressure gauge and octopus as we got a good price.

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Unboxing PADI Open water books

In may 2016 I am going to take the PADI Open Water course. Im so freaking exited and it´s going to be so much fun. The books looks great and Im looking forward to study again!

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Unboxing scuba diving gear

In May 2016 I, Rebecca, am going to take the PADI Open Water course and for that I needed my own scuba diving ABC. Im so exited and can´t wait! This is the gear I got Mask Bare Duo Compact - Womens in Pink - Link Fins Cressi frog plus in black/pink size...

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