It is now a week since we made our final dive and was passed for the PADI Open Water. A week of having a diving certificate. It’s a little bit cool. Wondering what to do now with it, I do not have anything booked yet but want to dive as soon as possible again. I think it is good when you still have it in your body and mind as well …

On Sunday last week, we went up to Lysekil at the Swedish west coast, and preparing for a final dive in Gullmarsfjorden. We would do our maximum dive down to 18 meters. Once there we took on all the stuff and since we were 10 persons we split into two groups. In the first group they were 6 people and the second group that we were in, we were only four divers. It was nice because then we had an instructor per couple.

It was a regular bathing area at first and then it went down to the various plateaus. The first plateau was 12 meters deep. There we went down, then we swam a little there before we went down to our maximum depth of 18 meters.

It was great to dive, but it passed quickly. You could not really think about what really happened. I had a little trouble, just like in the pool which is annoying. I floated or sank without really touching on the air supply in BCD. I want (and now I need to) to learn to be neutrally buoyant in the water and not go up and down like a yo-yo. I noticed that I went up and so did the instructor also which he pulled me down the back fin. Luckily it, otherwise I would have been up at the surface shortly and had to cancel the dive. Boring. Then once we should go up my buoyancy so freaking negative so then I just went down for a few seconds when I saw all the other swim up. WTF I thought, well … But I made it and it went well. Happy day!

In fact I froze nothing at all around my body, wich was very nice. Or the only thing I froze about was my lips just when we went down to 12 meters. I have the quite small mouth and when I have the regulator in my mouth my lips are kind of stretched around it so they’re kind thin, which made it cold when we went down. But once we were down after a minute or so I got used to the cold lips.

I any case, to say that I’m VERY satisfied with my investment of a Semidry 7mm wetsuit from Cressi. It was worth every penny even if it was many crowns …

But now I can say it for real, “Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am a diver.” Feels good!