After three dives in the pool, it was time for our first dive outside today. Exciting as heck! But was a bit worried that I could not do the exercises, really totally unwarranted worry because I know I can do the exercises perfectly. But I was freaking excited because I would finally get to try out my wetsuit thats finally came yesterday.

We started to meet up at the dive center, pick up our equipment, BCD, bottle and regulator. Then we had a brief of what we would do during the day and then we went off to Sisjön where we would dive. Once there, we took down all the stuff to the beach and then we put on our equipment and went down to the water.

Once in the water, we started with exercises. First we ”dropped” the regulator, then we took off the mask, and drained it. We even tried to take off the weight belt and BCD and then put it on again. Which was just fine as I guessed. The mask was a little hassle but I had solved if I well was deep and had needed to resolve it as well.

Then when we made it so we tow tired divers and practiced cramps solution at the surface. We also had a compass navigation at the surface. After that, we swam around a bit and waited for everyone to be done with their exercises. Before it was time to make a controlled emergency ascents. We appeared one by one down to the ground along with the instructor, holding a rope. From the bottom (6 meters) we would then take a deep breath and then pretended that the air is out and therefore rise again. It does so by swimming up the surface and say ”Aaaah” in the regulator you usually breathe in – so you let out the air and rises upwards. Once on the surface, so we blew filled our BCD to blow in airs with our mouth to buoyancy. Before we were done for the day in the water, we would navigate to the bottom of the compass.

The exercises went well, I’m very happy with my performance. I am also SO pleased with my purchase of a semi-dry 7mm wetsuit. Those who had the usual wet suits froze quite a bit and have to get up and warm themselves and those who had dry suits were even there some that was freezing. I was ”hot” all the time and did not actually freeze at all which was very good! Well, I felt a little on my toes, but it was mostly when we stood still and did not do any exercise and waiting for others. If you have a bit of blood circulation in the body to keep up the heat. Now we were not very much at the bottom today, and the longest we were 6 meter. But it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, shit. Then we’re down to 18 meters in the ocean. Scary! 18 meters is approximately 6 times more than we have done in the pool and three times more than what we did today … Nervous as hell!

Today I got a whole new experience of this in diving before when we were in the pool so it has the like been fenced and straight lines with tiles. Although it is awesome to dive under the water so long but it’s really the first time I realized that I actually emerge. The bottom consists of rocks, sand and any old branch. It was a completely new experience that was crazy cool. I´m so freaking grateful for my best friend Daniel who take me to try out and dive in february. That after such a long time and many years of speculations thought about it, I did it last fired into the pool.