Today it was time for diving again, or rather theory. I spent the morning to study at the last in my book, again. When we got to the PADI Diving center we went through chapters 4 and 5 and also the table to figure out even diving times.

It’s tricky and I think that almost everyone was thinking the same thing. As there are many factors and values to consider, to calculate your safe times. After that we did a quiz on the last chapters in the book and when we got the information that we would also do the final exam.

I did the exam and passed it with margin. I have to admit that I had some wrong answers, but it was on the questions we have just gone through. So know that I’m not really had time to process and analyze it, because thats the way I work, read, write and process and then it´s usually stuck in my brain. But usually now days you use a diving computer and not the tables to count/know your safe times just because it´s more safe and to avoid human misstakes.