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About Thailand

Did you know that Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that has never been colonized by an European country?
In fact, in the Thai language, the name of the country is Prathet Thai which means “land of the free.” Thailand is made up of approximately 1,430 islands. Many of the islands have become famous for being featured in Hollywood films. A popular habit of return visitors is to “try out” new islands to find their favorite.

In Thailand you can find both the smallest and the largest creatures, everything from the bumblebee bat to the largest fish, the whale shark. People associate elephants with Thailand. There are more than 5,000 found there (though more than half are domesticated). Over a hundred years ago, though, there used to be about 100,000 with about one fifth of them wild. What most pepole don´t know is that hundred years ago nearly all of northern Thailand was covered in hardwood forest. Today unfortunatley just a quarter of that forest is left. Therefore Thailand have banned logging. 

In Thailand there is about 35 000 temples in Thailand. But show respect when ou visiting them, it requires modest clothing, meaning no shorts, crop tops or sleeveless shirts.

Scuba diving with Sawasdee Fasai at Similan Islands

A liveaboard trip made by Daniel at MV Sawasdee Fasai. A comfortable and personal experience with a laid back group of guides focusing on safety although providing sightings of whale shark, turtles and other marine life in the Similan Islands.

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Love Diving – Phuket | Dive shop in Phuket, Thailand

Love Diving – Phuket is placed in the middle of the famous Bangala road. Love Diving – Phuket offering day trips, liveaboards, and PADI courses for example. If you want to try out scuba diving before you book the full course you can do a Discovery Scuba course here.

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Diving with MV Hallelujah at Similan Islands

Destination was liveaboard MV Hallelujah Similan Islands in Thailand, April 2017. This place is great for newly certified divers with a lot to see from big whale sharks and leopard sharks to small sea horses and ghost pipe fish. In this video there are clips of a turtle, moray and more common fishes for the area.

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MV Hallelujah – Big Blue Diving – Thailand

MV Hallelujah liveaboard boat is a relatively newly renovated boat for scuba diving.  MV Hallelujah sails around the Similian Islands and departs from Khao Lak. The trips at the MV Hallelujah liveaboard boat are usually five days and four nights, during which you travel to several different diving sites. Perfect for you that wants to experience the Similan Islands.

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