Packing a BCD can sometimes be really stressful. First it needs to dry and then make sure it’s emptied again before completely deflating and putting it down in a bag or luggage.
Since the Scubapro Hydros Pro dries very fast and the bungee cords on the sides are quite effective, it deflates quite much before you need to manually deflate the rest. This saves time and more convenient for the lazy.
Here’s a video of how much that can actually fit in the backpack that comes with the Hydros Pro BCD. It fits alot, but not all of my dive gear, as you will see. Also I filmed this without knowing how to adjust the tank strap and hence some struggle while trying to lock it in place.
The backpack size when full is about – Height: 52cm, width: 32cm and depth: 22cm.

The Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD – definetly easy to use. Value for the money? Up to each person. But I ‘m so far happy with it. It’s easy to pack, comes with a special backpack which fits almost everything(follow link bellow to see what I mean) and dries up super quickly after a rinse or dive.

In this video you will see the different parts that come with the package(backpack in packing video). I hope you enjoy!

When I searched for official information on this BCD I couldn’t find everything I was looking for. For example the weight wasn’t specified anywhere. In this angled feature overview you get to see how much the Scubapro Hydros Pro wheighs, inflation/deflation and some other different angles. My BCD is a size M or 40 so keep this in mind. Other sizes might look a little bit different or weigh less/more.
The fit is tight, comfortable and the Body Grip Gel hinders the BCD to shift. It has some different D-rings for equipment straps, but also quite customizable like moving the chest strap up or down. Though I haven’t found a good way of placing the octo so instead I bought an octo holder. Next up I will get an SPG holder because the fit became less good when placing that between the belly strap and me.