A quick unboxing of the new anti-theft travel backpack, ClickPack Pro. Featuring alot of smart features. TSA Lock, cut-proof material, combination and wire lock and double layer zipper. The ClickPack Pro has a box-type structure with a 180 degree opening. The interior consists of two storage containers(electronics and toiletries), three penholders, small sized pocket, small sized zipper pocket and a micro 4/3 camera sized pocket.

The ClickPack Pro backpack also has a specially padded compartment for a laptop up to 15,6 inches in size and a compartment for a tablet with a maximum size of 10 inches. One of the best features for travelers is the abillity to charge any device from the outside of the backack, through a usb cable on the left side strap, with a powerbank of your choice on the inside. This way you can always have your handheld tech device available when on the go. This makes the ClickPack Pro an amazing backpack for travelers!

The ClickPack Pro is available at: https://www.korin-design.com/