Here it is Xiaomi YI 4K +, the worlds first 60 fps action camera.  This small action camera is called Xiaomi YI 4K + and shoots 4K video at an incredible frame rate of 60fps. This makes it to the world’s first action camera that shoots in 60 fps. Xiaomi YI 4K + have electronic image stabilization (EIS) & Ambarella H2 SOC. Make sure you don’t miss a moment.

Steady on rocky roads

Xiaomi YI 4K + stay steady even on rocky roads which helps the footage stay clear and stable in situations where the sport camera is subject to knocks and bumps. With Xiaomi YI 4K + you can take photos in RAW-format which gives you the most advanced editing capabilities. With RAW-files from the Xiaomi YI 4K + you can capture high quality photos, which you can edit in most professional image editing softwares for some post-production  Transfer your photos from directly from the camera to your computer with high speed since the camera use USB Type-C to connect. This will not take long time and then your ready to share your memories with friends and family. Are you on the go and want to send some photos or video direct to your friends and family? Download the YI Action app and transfer your favorites to your phone wireless.

Tech specs

With fully reversible USB Type-C connector, the data capabilities are greatly enhanced. Thats including faster data transfer with USB Type-C support and external microphone support. The action camera  Xiaomi YI 4K + have many advanced technologies inside a tiny camera. It comes with an IMX377 12MP image sensor, 7 glass lens, Ambarella H2 chipset, quad-core Cortex-A53 ARM processor, ATL 1400mAh battery, 2.2″ retina touch screen and much more. Your Xiaomi YI 4K + can produce image and video of the highest quality you can imagine. Overall, I think it is a great action camera, bang for the bucks!

If you are interested in the camera you can buy it here:


4K at 60fps
Waterproof Case
USB Type-C
Powerful UI

Brand: YI
Model: YI 4K+

Tech specs
Processor: Ambarella H2
Ports: USB Charging Port, Micro SD Card Slot
Waterproof: Up to the depth of 40 meters with the waterproof case.
Live streaming: Support
G-Sensor: Built-in Bosch BMI160, 6-axis gyroscopic, provides precise acceleration and angular rate measurement.
Photo Mode: 12MP/8MP/7MP W/7MP M/5MP
Battery Life: 71 minutes 4K/60 video recording

Included in package
1 × YI 4K+ Action Camera
1 x Waterproof case
1 × USB Type-C Cable
1 × User manual