This video is from our two dives in Nusa Penida, Bali in Indonesia. It was an extreme manta madness, so many mantras and just a few divers. 


Definitely two of my best dives ever. When we jumping in there we were six divers on our speed boat and another boat was already there with four divers. So in total we were 10 divers along with 17-20 mantas. Awesome.

I really didn’t expect to see any Manta ray at all even if it was “for sure we would see them”. Yes, we were sure to see sharks when we were in Egypt as well, but still we had many dives without any sharks. So I didn’t expect anything at all, but if I saw a Manta, then of course I was happy.

We jumped in the first dive took us calmly down. It was a little swell at the bottom, which I heard it could be and that made me a bit worried (don´t like currents and such things). But everything went well. We balance ourselves and when I look up and see something giant swim or almost hover in front of me … WOOOOOOW! A Manta! Yay! I look around and see more and more Mantas emerge from the big blue.

Our dive ended with 5-6 mantas swimming in formation to eat, when I finished filming it and looked down I see a Leopard shark just 70 cm below me. Wow!

Our second dive was just as magical as the first one. Now it was just our boat there so was really calm with divers. We saw some more leopard sharks and also octopus as well as a turtle.

So magical to swim around and watch these giant Manta rays flying around in the water so calm and relaxing! Wow wow wow, my only sentence! It is no wonder maybe I had my best air consumption ever, I simply lost my breath looking at these magical creatures…

If you have the chance to dive here, do it! Below you can see some pictures I also took.