Unboxing my new Olympus e-m1 mark ii underwater housing, pt-ep14, and a macro port, ppo-ep03, for my 30mm macro lens. The housing is waterproof down to 60 meters and allows the photographer to use all buttons and dials when the camera is inside. The housing also has room for the standard flash that comes with the camera which makes this a good and least expensive underwater housing for this camera.

I haven’t been able to try it out yet, but in August I will try it for the first time in the water and I am super excited. I will hopefully then have received the fisheye port Inon ep02 so I can try that one also. Also expect an unboxing! My setup then will be a UCLS arm system, Sea&Sea ys-01 strobe, Sola Video 2000f light and the Olympus e-m1 mark ii with both M.Zuiko ED 30mm f3.5 Macro and M.Zuiko ED 8mm F1.8 Fisheye PRO.

Else it will be done after the video from the trip. The destination will be Egypt, Brothers Islands and Daedalus Reef. Until then!